About Me

Body Control Pilates is my lifestyle choice, and I have been practising the exercises since 2010, after experiencing a prolapsed disc - I had practised Pilates previously to my injury, but I could feel the difference that the Body Control Pilates Method made to my body. My core strength and spinal health improved, my posture and my general body awareness all benefited and continue to benefit from regular practice.

I'm now lucky enough to be able to teach the method to others and work with a number of people who have also experienced back issues, along with various clients in all age groups who choose Body Control Pilates and attend class on a regular basis.

Body Control Pilates is a natural extension of my passion for health and to help my clients feel the best they can in body and mind. I have also attended Body Control continuing education workshops on the following:

As Teachers with the Body Control Association we are expected to continue our education on an annual basis.

I look forward to seeing you in class.