The 8 Principles


'We breathe every day of life, but how do we need to breath'? - 'WIDE AND FULL' ....... Pilates breathing encourages an inhale breath wide and full into the back and sides of the ribcage. Our lungs are situated in the ribcage and by expanding the ribcage, we encourage the ribs to become more flexible and the intake of oxygen increases. So simply this type of breathing helps oxygen intake encouraging us to make maximum use of the lower part of our lungs, it works the muscles in-between our ribs facilitating expansion and making the upper body more fluid and mobile. We call it 'Thoracic or lateral breathing'. All our exercises are carefully designed to reinforce and encourage the correct muscle recruitment by using the breath. Most people do find the breathing pattern quite challenging at first, but once you have mastered it, it makes sense. As a general rule we;
Breathe in to prepare for a movement
Breathe out to connect to our Centre and move
Breathe in to pause and recover
Breathe out to return to our starting position