The 8 Principles



Joseph Pilates discovered over eighty years ago, that if he hollowed his navel back towards his spine his lower back felt protected! Since then medical research indicates that the best stability for what we refer to as 'centring', begins with our exhale breath and the connection to our pelvic floor and then our lower abdominals. We aim to teach this body awareness as a 'zip up and hollow'. As you breath out, draw up the muscles of the pelvic floor from the back passage to the front passage (zip), and gently hollow your lower abdominals back to the spine, (hollow). We also aim to teach the correct amount of engagement with your lower abdominals by body awareness of this recruitment as a 'dimmer switch'... i.e.; for an exercise such as knee drops, a small amount of centring is required to aid in pelvic stability as opposed to single knee fold where we require slightly more centring. This will enable you to learn how to create a strong centre from which you can progress and add movements such as extension, rotation, and flexion.